Celebrating Women in Early Education

Early childhood development in South Africa faces a multitude of challenges. Underpaid teachers, unemployed parents, hungry children, and unsafe early learning structures are a few of the obstacles caregivers and children experience every day. Despite these challenges, there are more than 70,000 of these remarkable women in our country who are committed to meeting the needs of our youngest children.

This collection of case studies showcases the stories of strong South African women who have overcome significant obstacles in caring for vulnerable children in their communities.

Through showcasing the stories of Dikeledi Chakana, Nowatchman Siqwayi, Vuyelwa Mdlazi, Benita Garnet, Joanna Atson, Jessica Alberts, Maritza Geldenhuys, Henrietha October, Agnes van Wyk, and Lilian Kinkana, we highlight the incredible work being done by these women, and we honour the contributions of all women who have struggled against the odds to provide quality care and education for our youngest and most vulnerable citizens.